Announcement Letter

Judson Sapp for CongressDear friends and family,

My wife Kelly, our sons, 2-year-old Willard and 5-month-old Ryder and I all want to extend to you our best wishes for a prosperous new year.

The new year ushers in feelings of hope and renewal, but also causes us to pause and reflect. I am more convinced than ever that the beginning of 2018 places us at a crossroads as a nation. Our Congress has not been delivering its promises.

Nevertheless, I am filled with the hope that our children will inherit a better country. This hope for a better future is unfaltering despite the current state of the U.S. Congress, where a culture of egotism, backstabbing and unbridled ambition for power reigns.

It is no wonder we live in a culture of fear, hatred and revenge. Our politicians stoke these elements because it is easier to fundraise, get media attention and be re-elected by appealing to the darkest nature of our culture.

The poisoned condition of Congress coincides with the Republican Party suffering an identity crisis. Bold, fresh leadership is needed.

It is because of my love for my family, which is the most important thing to me, and the lack of direction in Washington, that I announce my candidacy as a New Republican for the 3rd Congressional District of the great state of Florida.

After the last election, we were promised change, and I, along with many of you, was energized that the results would produce legislation addressing the scourge of illegal immigration, the inadequate Veterans Affairs and the skyrocketing healthcare premiums threatening to bankrupt average people.

However, efforts towards positive reform have been met with constant roadblocks by a group of Congresspeople from both parties who refuse to make deals and choose obstructionism even when the future of our country is at stake.

Washington must be held accountable. I promise, as your Congressman, I will make deals and pass legislation that benefits all working people and not just the political elites and special interests.

In addition, I will be open to new ideas. I will listen to both citizens and experts from every side and make the best, most informed decision for everyone.

I am a New Republican.

I want you to take a pledge to support, vote for or run as a member of our new, 21st century Republican Party. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or have no party affiliation at all, I urge you to join a new generation of forward thinking, civic-minded people nationwide. Politics is not a zero sum game. We are in this country together. I ask for your support and for you to stand with me today in this movement to restore our government to one of the people and for the people.

I understand there is rarely a perfect deal, so I promise if elected we will support legislation that is a better alternative for America than the status quo. That is how the business world works, and that is the attitude we must take to Congress.

You can help fix Congress and shape the future of America by supporting me in several ways:

1. Subscribe to my campaign email updates, and share this message with all your friends. Ask them to become a New Republican.

2. Allow me to come speak to you to directly. Help me achieve this by attending my events and inviting me to meetings in our community with you and your friends. I will make myself available to every citizen of our district who wants to meet me.

3. Go to to follow us on social media, volunteer and donate.

4. Do not be afraid to buck the system. Support someone today running under this new mantle or find an office you can run for proudly wearing the new mantle yourself. This is a movement that can spread from Washington to local governments across America, and you can be part of this new brighter future.

5. Save the date for our launch event on February 3rd at 4:30 P.M. in Orange Park, Fl.

Every dollar you donate not only helps my campaign, but also shows your commitment to the movement. I promise you that it will be the greatest investment of your life. I will not let you down. I know we are in for the fight of our lives because those profiting off of our rigged system will not go away easily. Saving our future and re-energizing our party is worth the price. I know together we will be victorious.

Sincerely, Judson Sapp

A New Republican Candidate for Congress FL District 3
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Vote for Judson Sapp, a New Republican, on August 28th!