Congressman John Rutherford:

“President Trump needs allies in Congress like Judson Sapp. Judson is a devoted family man, successful businessman, and a solid conservative we can count on to lead from day one. I’m proud to support my friend Judson Sapp for Congress.”

Congressman Vern Buchanan:

“Judson is a husband, father, and successful businessman who knows what it takes to lead and get the job done. I endorse Judson Sapp for Congress because he will fight for Florida and stand up for conservative values.”

Congressman Cliff Stearns:

“It is my pleasure to endorse my friend Judson Sapp for Congress. Having served in the US Congress representing this very same district, I know what it takes to be effective – and Judson Sapp has demonstrated that quality in creating jobs with his business and serving and living in his community. We need to send a strong conservative to Washington to fight for our values. Judson Sapp is a successful community leader who has stood with our President and will stand up for us in Congress.”

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll:

“Appreciation of our Republic and respect for American citizens has dwindled. If we are to make our nation great again, it’s imperative to have true conservative leaders in Washington D.C. In 2020 we will have an opportunity to elect such a leader to Congress. A leader who will respect the Constitution and the American people, and that leader is Judson Sapp. Judson Sapp is a hardworking, honest family man, and great community steward who will do what’s right for America and Americans. He’s done more than talk the talk, he’s walked the walk. Judson will stand by us and President Trump to make this country the best it can be.”

State Representative Charlie Stone:

“We need to send President Trump a real ally to Congress. Judson Sapp is a businessman who knows how to get things done. It’s my pleasure to endorse him to be our next Congressman.”

Putnam County Sheriff Gator DeLoach:

“We need a strong conservative who isn’t a politician to represent our area. Judson Sapp is loyal, compassionate, business-minded, and honest. That is why I support him and offer my endorsement of his candidacy for Congress.”

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith:

“Judson Sapp is a successful businessman and solid conservative. Our country needs strong leaders to stand up for our President, our Constitution, and our values. Judson Sapp will fight for us, and I’m proud to support him to be our next Congressman!”

Maverick PAC:

Named a MavPAC “Majority Maker”